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Flower Delivery


Flowers make an ideal gift for many occasions including a gift to the mother or parents of a new born baby, christenings, birthays, funerals etc. Flowers can be sent as a romantic love token between lovers or as a simple "thank you" or "thinking of you" between family and friends.Vase of Rose Flowers


History of sending Flowers

As flowers are readily available in almost every country, the sending of flowers as a gift interstate or overseas is quite popular.


Traditionally, people wishing to send flowers interstate or internationally would call in to a local florist and place an order for flowers with thier local florist. The florist would then pass the order on to another florist located locally to the destination of delivery. This is called a relay service as the order for flowers is relayed to another florist.


This created a demand for a service to allow florists to place orders which can be delivered virtually almost anywhere in the world.


In 1910 FTD (Florists' Transworld Delivery) was founded as Florists' Telegraph Delivery by fifteen florists in the US agreeing to service each others out-of-town customers via orders placed by telegraph. In 1965, FTD began offering international orders to be placed and changed its name to Florists' Transworld Delivery. Other similar companies such as Interflora, Teleflora, 1-800-Flowers and ProFlowers provide a similar service.


Flower Delivery Today

Florist relay services still exist today providing a means to send flowers almost any where in the world.


In the early days the cable-wire enabled flowers to be ordered by telegraph. The 1960's made international orders to be easily placed by telegraph or telephone. The 1980's introduced the fax machine and flower orders could be placed any day/time quickly and conviently. Today we have the internet, enabling orders to be placed instantly using computer networks.


With todays technology, orders can be placed at any time and easily tracked from the moment the order placed through to delivery with digital signature and automated notification of delivery.


International Flower Delivery

Sending flowers internationally from one country to another has been available for decades. Orders can be easily placed through your local florist and the florist will arrange everything on your behalf with a relay florist, mostly via services such as FTD, Interflora and Teleflora.


Today, International flower deliveries can also be directly arranged using the internet to source and contact a local florist in the region where the flowers are to be delivered.


Flowers delivered to the United States, England and the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can be easily arranged through the internet using sites such as Florist Works which delivers flowers to Australia, New Zealand and England & the UK, Europe and the United
. Alternatively, your local florist can arrange delivery on your behalf.


Whichever method you choose to use, sending flowers internationally is an easy and simple process.


Online Flower Delivery - Buying Flowers Online

The internet has made buying flowers, to be delivered interstate or overseas, easily assesible.


Many florists have ecommerce enabled web sites with product images, details about there products, such as which flowers are in season and the price of the flowers to be delivered.


Using the internet to order flowers enables you to deal directly with a local florist, bypassing third party relay serives. This also gives you one-to-one communication with the florist to ensure you get exactly what you want or to purchase a customized arrangement of flowers.


Otherwise, you can still purchase flowers to be delivered using a relay service. This can be handy when dealing with florists in countries where the langauge may be different, or if it is difficult to find a florist with an ecommerce enabled web site in a particular region.


Same Day Flower Deliveries

Same day flower delivery is available from most florists. To have flowers delivered on the same day, ensure the florist is local to the recipient and delivers flowers to the recipients suburb, region or locality. Most florists offering same day delivery will have a cut-off time for flowers which are to be delivered on the same day. Ensure you place your flower order before the cut-off time and remember that the cut-off time is in the time zone local to the florist, not your time zone. This can get tricky when ordering internation flower deliveries. If possible, place your order a couple of days in advance (every florist offers next day flower delivery) - try not to leave it for the last minute.


Flowers & Free Delivery

Many florists offer free delivery. Some florists may offer free delivery for flowers over a certain dollar amount. Other florists may offer free delivery within a certain area and may charge an extra fee for delivery outside their free delivery region.


Some florists include the delivery fee in the advertised price of the flowers. Other florists charge for delivery.


Keep in mind that free delivery is not always free. Read the "Delivery" page carefully to ensure you understand the cost of delivery. If you are unsure, contact the florist and ask specifically if they deliver to the address of the recipient and how much it will cost for the flowers to be delivered.



Tips to remember when buying flowers to be delivered


Florists cannot always fulfill last minute orders. Don't rely on the same day delivery. Try to order your flowers in advance. Florists may be busy fulfilling a corporate order or wedding funtion and refuse to accept your order. At other times, florists may have run out of certain types of flowers and substitute other flowers to make your arrangement.


When sending flowers to another country, bear in mind some variety of flowers may not be available in that country due to season, climate or other reasons. Sometimes you need to be flexible.


Free delivery is not always free. The reverse also applies - some florists may offer cheaper prices for their flowers, but you may end up paying more at the checkout when taxes and delivery charges are added to the product price.


When buying flowers online, ensure the website is secure when sending your credit card payment to the florist.


Flower deliveries can easily be arranged through the internet or through your local florist.


Flowers make a great gift for someone who has everything.



Further Information about florists and sending flowers

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