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Australian Florists and Flower Shops


Finding a Local Australian Florist

Australia is well regarded for showcasing some of the world's most unique flowering plants. With an abundance of sunshine and mild to temperate weather, this creates the perfect environment for flowers and plants.


In Australia you will find that most city suburbs have their own florist. Some of the larger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne tend to have numerous florists in order to service the larger demand for flowers. Generally speaking, most Australian Florist Shops will have a similar range in flowers and will introduce new flowers to their range according to the seasons. Jonquils, Daffodils and other perenials are found late Winter to early Spring. Seasonal flowers in Australia only last for a short period of time, sometimes only 3-4 weeks. Mainstream flowers such as Gerberas, Lilies, Roses and Orchids can be found all year round. Even Tulips are available for most of the year, except January-March when the peak summer period is on.


Searching for an Australian Florist Shop can be done quite easily by navigating through one of our many categories to the left of this page. The categories are sorted by Australia's largest cities and within these cities you will find local florists servicing the surrounding locations. A list of products and prices can be found by navigating to the florists website and seeing what is available to purchase. Subject to availability, some flowers in arrangements may be substituted for similar flowers in the event that they are out of season. If your an international customer sending flowers to Australia locate the florist in the closest city to the location you are sending to. This will possibly save you on delivery fees and get your flowers delivered faster.


What to Look For When Sending Flowers to Australia

Most florist shops in Australia will stock a variety of mainstream flowers. In some cases, flowers like lilies and orchids are best sent in the summer months. Orchids, from Singapore are more hardy in the summer, and have a longer lasting life. Flowers such as Gerberas on the other hand do not do so well in the Summer and are best delivered in the colder months of the year.


Australian Seasons Calendar

September November Spring
December February Summer
March May Autumn
June August Winter


Sending Flowers to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth

Information about sending flowers to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adeliade and Hobart.


Sending flowers Internationaly
For more information about sending flowers to England and the United Kingdom and other international countries, read our flower delivery page.




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