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About Florist Search

Florist Search is an online flower shop & florist directory categorized by country and state/province to make finding a local florist shop a convenient experience.

Now people from all over the world can easily send flowers to friends, family or loved ones.

By using Florist Search, you can deal direct with a florist in the locality where the flowers will be delivered. Dealing direct with a local florist cuts out the middle man, such as relay services, which take your order and then forward it to a local florist, while charging a commission.

The Benefits of using a Local Florist or Flower Store:

  • Save money! No middle man involved!
  • You are dealing direct with the florist
  • Can meet special requirements or custom orders
  • Reduce the chance of problems/misinterpretations
  • Greater variety of seasonal flowers available
  • Expert advice from real florists
  • Save on delivery costs

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